Market analysis on milk and dairy products

Mandate: Market price analysis for dairy products made of conventional, label or organic milk. Study of the Swiss Animal Protection SAP

Authors: Stefan Flückiger (SAP) and Therese Haller

Report: see SAP website (in German) »


Analyses for the Swiss Milk Producers

Mandate: Analyses for the Swiss Milk producers for taking into account the work load rather than only surface related criteria when defining the direct payments to farmers.


Fertilizers and pesticides: Price differences between Switzerland and neighbouring countries

Mandate: Expertise for Areté SRL in Bologna for a study ordered by the State Secretary forEconomic Affairs SECO.

Report: see website of the Confederation »


Policy Evaluation of Tariff Rate Quotas

Mandate: Expertise for Areté SRL in Bologna for a study ordered by the Federal Office for Agriculture FOAG.

Description and report: see website of the Confederation »


Cross-cutting analysis of projects in the field of rural development, synthesis and outlook

Description: An analysis of evaluation reports concerning projects of the German international cooperation; contributing as a subcontractor of the consortium devolutions Ltd./ Wenger Organisationsberatung / Samsoft AG

Authors: Martin Sommer (project leader), Bernhard Wenger, Fritz Schneider and Therese Haller

Ordered by: Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit GIZ


Sectorial market opening for all dairy product with the EU - A study of plausibility and difference

Description: Complementary analysis and methodical review of the Federal Council's report »

Authors: Therese Haller (project leader), Thomas Blättler and Bruno Durgiai; HAFL

Ordered by: Swiss Milk Producers SMP

Documents: PDF (in German) »


Abolition of the milk quota system in Switzerland

Description: Ex-post evaluation of the abolition and its consequences in Switzerland, with recommendations for the coming abolition in the EU

Authors: Therese Haller (project leader) HAFL

Ordered by: European Milk Board EMB

Documents: PDF »


Market opening for dairy products

Description: Expertise on the option of opening the market for milk and all dairy products between Switzerland and the European Union

Authors: Roger Schwarzenbach (project leader), Thomas Blättler, Bruno Durgiai, Therese Haller HAFL

Ordered by: Swiss Milk Producers SMP

Documents: PDF (in German)  »


Linking Herders to Carbon Markets (Mongolia)

Project collaboration, from May 2012 responsible for the sub-study on Livestock (Herd development, herd management)

HAFL in partnership with Unique GmbH, a mandate from SDC


Farm Estate: Combined use of agricultural surface and human habitat

Project collaboration

HAFL in collaboration with the department Architecture, wood and civil engineering at Burgdorf; a BFH project; case study: Köniz


Food Urbanism Initiative

Project collaboration; responsible for a survey among the population of Lausanne

ETH Zurich with several partners; a project of NRP 65 (New Urban Quality); Link »